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50 Inspiring Logo Designs

A logo is an essential part of branding your website and marketing it offline and online. Some logo designs feature simple, beautiful typography whilst others more are fun and colourful. However, all logos should be memorable and able to integrate with your website design effortlessly. One of the best ways of getting inspiration for a logo design is by looking at what other designers have created. Today we would like to show you 50 creative logo designs that we hope will inspire you and give you ideas for creating your own logo.

Lovely Logo Designs

1. Michael Spitz An arrangement of colourful leaves in the shape of an M is a good, simple icon that could effectively represent creative growth. Though if you take away the color, it would not work as well to impart the same idea. Michael Spitz 2. Moolloon What else did you expect from a name such as Moolloon? The balloon is modeled after a cow's udder whilst the basket has a cow coloured scheme (i.e. black and white). It's a fun design that represents the silliness of the name. Moolloon 3. Networking A simple logo that places a crown over the letter I to emphasise the word King. The yellow line that races towards the crown gives the impression of speed too. Networking 4. Pixelflow Created for a small freelance business, the Pixelflow logo beautifully blends the letter P and F into the same icon. A simple yet elegant logo design. Pixelflow 5. Steps A simple yet smart concept in which the letter E represents steps going up. The basic font would look good in any colour scheme. Steps 6. Sew Perfect A stylish logo that displays a needle and thread in the shape of the letters S and P. It's an elegant yet minimal solution for an embroidery business. Sew Perfect 7. The Dressing Room An interesting logo that halves the stick figure in two to suggest the woman is going into a dressing room partially hidden by the door. The dot helps this illusion by giving the impression of a door knob. The Dressing Room 8. Huddy Buddy Huddy Buddy is the clothing company that provides clothes for the 'cool kids'. The logo is a fun design that has a 1950's cartoon feel to it and is an important part of the company's brand. Huddy Buddy 9. Maple Studios A simplistic text design with a beautiful colourful icon that is used by the British design agency Maple Studios (yes British, not Canadian). The clean design is ideal for offline marketing such as stationery too. Maple Studios 10. Army of Bees The 6 bees in the logo have been placed in an arrangement that resembles the letter A. It also looks like the bees are in military formation and are ready to attack. The bees icon looks good though would perhaps look better to the left hand side of the design rather than on top so that more emphasis is placed on the title. Army of Bees 11. MatchBox A fantastic logo with a cool colour scheme. Great hints at creativity with the box we are told to think outside of burning and stars being freed from within. The different weights and styles on the type also gives the design a bit more of a punch. MatchBox 12. Gorilla Service One of the coolest designs created. The gorilla in the logo has a serious look and is dressed up in a suit for office work. The text underneath mimics this bubbly design with a unique curvy font. A fun and memorable design that many designers will get inspiration from. Gorilla Service 13. One A beautiful brand identity for the Swiss company ONE GmbH. The slanting logo represents the number one but also mimics a skyscraper. A simple yet iconic design. One 14. Shark Tours A smart concept in which the logo merges a cruise ship and a shark fin. The text has been modified with small hooks at the end of each letter to give it a more aquatic feel. Shark Tours 15. Happy Quote A simple idea in which the text 'Happy Quote' is placed inside a quotation mark like speech bubble. The quote itself also resembles a smiling cartoon character, reinforcing the happy vibe the logo wants to promote. Happy Quote 16. Feather Fly A gorgeous logo that has a colourful feather in the shape of a bird. It's a stylish elegant logo solution that promotes a professional image. Feather Fly 17. The Doberman The logo features a fierce looking Doberman creatively carved out of negative space. The retro design is perfect for a bar or restaurant. The Doberman 18. CFO Cycling Team A fantastically creative logo that has placed the letters C, F and O in the shape of a cyclist. The concept has been done so effectively that many people might only see the cyclist. CFO Cycling Team 19. Foxy Logo Rebound The perfect logo for a website called 'FoxyStats'. The circle is divided into 3 shapes to represent the stats service that the company provides. The top piece resembles a fox with the lower parts representing the body and tail of the fox. Foxy Logo Rebound 20. Ewali Food A fun logo that was created for a French fast food restaurant. The original concept showed the village hut with hands out holding a fork and knife though this was changed to open hands as most of the food sold at the restaurant is finger food. Open hands are also more welcoming to customers. Ewali Food 21. Monkey Business Another fun design that shows a monkey prepared for work. The monkey looks a little subservient, suggesting that he is there to help you with anything you need. Monkey Business 22. AudioTheatre Beautiful calligraphy gives the AudioTheatre logo an elegant and professional look. A microphone extends from the top of the letter T to represent the recording services that the company provides. AudioTheatre 23. LoveLogoDesigns Love and the letters L and D are all represented in this simple design. The letter L was formed by placing the love heart design at an angle of 45 degrees. It's a smart way of incorporating all three words into the one icon. LoveLogoDesigns 24. Diamond Bookstore A diamond shaped logo made from an open book. The design's simple coloring lends itself well transition to plain black and white like most logo design rules dictate. Diamond Bookstore 25. El Pirata A fast food restaurant logo that uses two spatulas to represent a skull and crossbones. The skull has a chefs hat on and a mask over their mouth to suggest it's cooking. El Pirata 26. Origamia A cool design that was created for a small origami shop. Apparently the shop owner didn't want a classic origami shape like a crane or swan so the designer created an origami fish instead. The fish uses two bright colours and the text has a beautiful typeface that matches the logo well. Origamia 27. Oliva Created for an energy solution building firm, Oliva promotes its eco-friendliness by showing two trees holding hands. The trees, together with the dot from the 'i' form a negative space home, where the companies energy solutions tend to be aimed. Oliva 28. Aqua An interesting logo that shows water inside the second letter. The clean typeface that is used enhances the minimalist look of the logo. Aqua 29. Playground A simple logo that uses 3 colours reminiscent of the big, bright plastic kid's park equipment that was once in parks all over the US and the beautiful typeface plays into that imagery. The children's slide molded from the lettering further cements the idea. Playground 30. Napoleon Sushi Bar Napoleon is a strange name for a sushi bar however designer Alex Badovsky has managed to create a wonderful logo for the restaurant by developing a fun design that features a cute cartoon character made of rice with a Napoleon styled sushi hat. Napoleon Sushi Bar 31. Banjo Cat Created for a video production company, the logo shows a white cat playing a banjo against a black background. It's a fun design that is impressively crafted using negative space. Banjo Cat 32. Optimistic Beverages An interesting way of displaying the metaphor 'the glass is half full' by showing the alcohol at the top of the shot glass. The simple illustration is enhanced by the great looking typeface used in the text below. Optimistic Beverages 33. Pixel Science An interesting logo design concept targeted towards internet companies. The logo shows a beaker with clever pixelated bubbles rising from the top. The typography adds to the overall sharp techy look and feel. Pixel Science 34. Mann Music This is another well crafted logo design which uses negative space and a single color to denote piano keys which spell out the 'MANN' in company name. Simply brilliant. Mann Music 35. Rich And Famous An elegant logo that has beautiful typography. The ends of the first and last letters of rich and famous have been extended to give the logo a stylish flow. The same design has been used at the bottom of the logo as an underline. Rich And Famous 36. Mayaze A colourful logo that has a maze inside the letter M. This is a great example of how gradients can be applied to make a logo stand out from the crowd. Though in plain black and white presentations, some of that elegance is lost. Mayaze 37. TN Consulting One of the best negative space logos published online. By placing a diagonal line through the letter T, the logo gives the impression of the letter N stacked on top of it. TN Consulting 38. Enormail A good concept that features a cartoon elephant (or a mammoth!) above the brand name. A traditional mail icon is hidden inside the elephant to highlight the companies services. Enormail 39. Cardiologic A cool logo that was inspired by the famous representation of the atom (logic) and no doubt created using the Spirograph version of Photoshop. Only 4 colours are used within the logo. There are multiple heart shapes hidden within to represent the cardio aspect. The red heart is easier to spot due to it's colour however. Cardiologic 40. Big Colors Created for a website that allows designers sell their work to support their local charity, Big Colors is a colourful logo that features what seems to be either a toucan. Big Colors 41. Bread & Breakfast Created to give the impression of friendliness and indicate the presence of hand-cooked goods, Bread & Breakfast is a beautiful design in which the bread also represents the coffee in the cup. The shop name is displayed in beautiful typography too; enhancing the trendy look the owner wanted. Bread & Breakfast 42. White Rabbit Featuring a great illustration of a white rabbit, this cute logo that is the perfect fit for the cafe bar it was created for. The initial concept promoted a more stuffy atmosphere than the fun and relaxed environment this design projects. White Rabbit 43. Percy & Reed A retro style logo that was created for a London based hairdressers. The logo was inspired by signs from the Victorian era, and brilliantly recreates the simple elegance of the time. It's difficult not to be impressed by the logos beautiful typography. Percy & Reed 44. Word Refuge A great concept that has been excellently executed. The logo features a book that is half opened and facing downwards, making it look as if the book is a tent. A cool logo for a content writing service. Word Refuge What was your favourite logo of the bunch? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment area below. (rb)

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  1. Wow.Nice collection of inspirational Logos.I loved the concepts of Dressing Room,Love Clip,Diamond Book store and TN Consulting.

  2. Great compilation! I love the simplicity of the logo designs. That is the one thing that I preach to my clients.. SIMPLICITY

  3. Hi Kevin, These are truly inspirational. I especially like those that incorporate the letters into the logo designs. Thanks also for the explanations because I missed some of the more subtle features on first glance.

  4. These are some great logo designs. I always love to see the ingenious ways that people work with the negative space in logos & brands.

    Kudos to the author on these finds- they are great inspirations.

  5. Forgot to list my favorite. I vote Mann Music. The way they use the piano keys to spell out the company name is creative and eye-catching.

  6. Nice collection. However, of course a logo becomes totally useless once it contains spelling-errors…Dobermann is with double N…normally I would not nitpick like that…but hey…it’s a’d think they want it right.

  7. My favorites in the list are Invisible Agent because it really is invisible but still an agent and of course Pixel Science because of great colors and of course highlighted pixels.

  8. Wow, such a great response to the post! Glad that it landed with so many of you. Thanks for sharing your favorites and your thoughts with us!

    Noupe Editorial Team

  9. Great bro.., to be honest am searcing name & designs for my small garment retail outlet…thanks for the idea…dresing room is fablous

  10. Hey, each one is fantastic but my favorite one is “The dressing Room”. The logo itself has spoken everything

  11. Can any one tell me the best soft ware logo designing…………..!

    And of-course all logo’s are amazing and the secret agent is actly a eye catching logo……!

  12. I don’t mean to be crude… but am I the only one that sees the “other” representation of “mann” in the mann music logo?

  13. Great post Kevin! Just came across this from a google search for logos. You’re all over the interwebs my friend! :-)

  14. A very nice collection of great logos. I love all of them especially the ones that cleverly used negative spaces. Thanks for this. I’m currently conceptualizing for a logo too and this would greatly help.

  15. Well they are all great to start of with, but I did like the ‘Cycling Team” and ‘Storm Foundry’, they really made me look twice, so great work out there.

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