Nataly Birch March 30th, 2012

Exceptional Dribbble Invite Shots

Dribbble is one of the most famous online designers community. It’s an amazing gallery where people can show screenshots of their recent or upcoming works and share high-quality freebies with others. But Dribbble is not only place where you can show off your skills, it is also a source for inspiration, and a place where you can ask for an opinion or help from professionals in the field. Thus, this community can help you to become a more mature designer.

Since this site is a concentration of serious people not everyone can become a part of it. This is an invite only community, so the only way to get in is to earn a special invitation that can come either from players (invited members) or team.

What To Do To Become a Player?

First of all, prepare several mind-blowing designs or make screenshots of your best of the best previous works. Type of design does not matter. Your samples can be dedicated to website design, graphic design, icons design, typography, illustrations etc.

Secondly, sign up as a prospect and surf for a spare invitation in order to enter into the game. Be prepared, there will be a plenty of people who want to become a Dribbble player so you have to be very quick since invitations tend to go like hotcakes.

But never fear, members give away at least one invitation fairly often so you can bump into it anytime and someday become a proud part of all the action.

So What Should You Look For?

In order to facilitate your search we want to give you an idea of what these Dribbble invite shots tend to look like. With so many talented people involved in the community it should be no surprise that they create really unique and remarkable “invite to give away” shots. Many of them use this opportunity to create something special and show their creativity. Below is a showcase of some of these fantastic designs.

The Invite Shots

Lots of designers use brand colors and logos to draw attention.

1. By Eddie Lobanovskiy
Dribbble invite shot by Eddie Lobanovskiy

2. By Mike
Dribbble invite shot by Mike

3. By Christophe Tauziet
Dribbble invite shot by Christophe Tauziet

4. By Alfie Robles
Dribbble Invite shot by Alfie Robles

5. By Giorgio Pia
Dribbble invite shot by  Giorgio Pia

6. By Miika Fabritius
Dribbble invite shot by Miika Fabritius

7. By Román Jusdado
Dribbble invite shot by  Román Jusdado

8. By Catalin Fertu
Dribbble invite shot by  Catalin Fertu

9. By Nicola Felaco
Dribbble invite shot by  Nicola Felaco

10. By Simone Marcarino
Dribbble invite shot by  Simone Marcarino

11. By James Oconnell
Dribbble invite shot by James Oconnell

12. By Alessio Atzeni
Dribbble invite shot by Alessio Atzeni

13. By Silviu Stefu
Dribbble invite shot by Silviu Stefu

14. By Krzysztof Koziol
Dribbble invite shot by Krzysztof Koziol

15. By Gert van Duinen
Dribbble invite shot by Gert van Duinen

16. By Shota Mickaia
Dribbble invite shot by Shota Mickaia

17. By Vadim Sherbakov 
Dribbble invite shot by Vadim Sherbakov

18. By Michael Shanks
Dribbble invite shot by Michael Shanks

19. By Jesse James Pocisk
Dribbble invite shot by Jesse James Pocisk

20. By Olga Epikhina
Dribbble invite shot by Olga Epikhina

21. By Michele Giorgi
Dribbble invite shot by Michele Giorgi

22. By Linus Carlsson
Dribbble invite shot by Linus Carlsson

23. By Clément Paquette
Dribbble invite shot by Clément Paquette

24. By Wes O’Haire
Dribbble invite shot by Wes O'Haire

25. By Roberto Torres
Dribbble invite shot by Roberto Torres

26. By Taly Emmanuela
Dribbble invite shot by Taly Emmanuela

Since the invite is a kind of entrance ticket, many designers go that route.

1. By denorme jerome
Dribbble invite shot by  denorme jerome

2. By Jan Luts
Dribbble invite shot by Jan Luts

3. By Christophe Tauziet
Dribbble invite shot by  Christophe Tauziet

4. By Daniela Alves
Dribbble invite shot by Daniela Alves

5. By Kim Wouters
Dribbble invite shot by  Kim Wouters

6. By Dave Finger
Dribbble invite shot by  Dave Finger

7. By Daniel Klopper
Dribbble invite shot by Daniel Klopper

8. By Diego Monzon
Dribbble invite shot by  Diego Monzon

9. By polevaultweb
Dribbble invite shot by  polevaultweb

10. By Alexander Spliid
Dribbble invite shot by  Alexander Spliid

11. By Ignazio Lacitignola
Dribbble invite shot by Ignazio Lacitignola

12. By Dime Kuzmanovski
Dribbble invite shot by Dime Kuzmanovski

13. By Alex Castro
Dribbble invite shot by Alex Castro

Some designers go more traditional and draw an Dribble invite in an envelope.

1. By Jamie Brightmore
Dribbble invite shot by  Jamie Brightmore

2. By Ney Ricardo
Dribbble invite shot by  Ney Ricardo

3. By Seth Terpstra
Dribbble invite shot by  Seth Terpstra

4. By Gadzhi Kharkharov
Dribbble invite shot by Gadzhi Kharkharov

5. By Matteo Di Capua
Dribbble invite shot by Matteo Di Capua

6. By James Graves
Dribbble invite shot by James Graves

7. By Yakim van Zuijlen
Dribbble invite shot by Yakim van Zuijlen

Some resort to a simpler way using only typography.

1. By Leandro Bernardini
Dribbble invite shot by Leandro Bernardini

2. By Courtney Joy Jemison
Dribbble invite shot by Courtney Joy Jemison

3. By Alexey Masalov
Dribbble invite shot by Alexey Masalov

That wraps up this collection of invite shots. Good Luck in finding your ticket to the famous designer’s community!


Nataly Birch

Nataly is an internet entrepreneur and an amateur web designer and developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She is running a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unveils the secrets of the world and plays volleyball. Visit her blog or follow her on twitter


  1. Nice work putting all of those together :)

    But as much as I love some of those invite designs, I have to admit that I’m having a problem with the concept of some designers promoting so much their invites giveways like “follow us on facebook, twitter, G+, and and and and do this, and this and send us a portoflio and THEN we might select you”. It has unfortunately for some people become a way to only gain more followers, kind of sad.

    1. I agree with you 100%! The “exclusive” access is childish and a way to make themselves feel important.

      1. I think you might have misunderstood me here. I’m part of the community and don’t feel particularly important. I think the invites is a great idea to insure a certain quality among the community. Nevertheless, I give my invites to designers I actually know, whose work I love.
        I think there’s a point where you don’t know any designers to invite that are not on dribbble, so it makes sense to tell the world you got invites and this article shows some very nices ways to do this. But sometimes the “conditions” to get the invites are pretty hard : follow me on 10 social networks, love me here and here and then you might get one. I even saw a guy who created a design contest to test the potential draftees, asking them to create a “fake logo” to test there skills.

  2. Dribbble has definitely become a fun new community to be part of. Not enough time to be active in all the communities.

  3. Thanks for showing my shot #11 – I had an amazing amount of responses to the call-to-action and viewed some awesome portfolios as a result.

    I’m not as active as I’d like to be given the plethora of social sites I’m constantly updating – but what the platform has to offer in terms of critique from your peers / inspiration and a springboard to get noticed is unparalleled.

    Play ball,


  4. This just goes to show how big of a blessing Dribbble is to the design community. Can you imagine a web without it? Dan Cederholm, who I recently interviewed, and the rest of the team are on to something huge.

    As for the Dribbble invite shots, amazing collection! I can’t even pick a personally fav!

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