Kendra Gaines January 10th, 2012

Putting Designs on Your Back: A Showcase of T-Shirt Designs

We all have that one t-shirt that we love; we love the fit, we love the color and we absolutely adore the design. For some, the t-shirt design can be a form of expression or it can simply be a fashion statement. Then there are a few folks who wear t-shirts to show off their great taste in art and creativity. Regardless of the reason one wears a t-shirt, it goes without saying that without great designs, your t-shirt game is probably lacking.

Far too often we take the design and designer for granted. Today, we’ve gathered some super, amazing (and funny) t-shirt designs to showcase the work and the artist. One cool thing about t-shirts is we can have them personalized. Perfect for gifts or even for personal use. If you’ve never tried heat transfer papers before, the steps are simple. Check out the top heat transfer paper and create your customized shirts now!

 The Shirts and Designs

The Great Connection by  roncabardz

The Fall by dhectwenty

Living Paint by gabrielng

Voyage by dhectwenty

War is Over by dandingeroz

The Painter by sebasebi

I <3 My City by wotto

Rebuild the Forest by free_agent08

Cuckoo by hogboy

Direction of a Dream by Ikkie

Avalanche by Greg Abbott

Spectrum by dobi

Aerosoiled by Randy Otter

Experimental Idea by CW.cnatch

Wave Goodbye by Raw Meat

Say Cheese by Addu – sc

What Up Polar Bear by Cryface666

Chapter 7: Outside the Box by The N-Spired Story – sc

The Pond by Moulin Bleu

Safari by Fresno

Gae Koen Tok Surabaya Xray by noodlekiddo

Lick Everything by amegoddess

Sausage Party by biotwist

Glow Green by choppre

The Guardian by metalsan

Sugar Skull Tee by John Williamson

All Hands on Deck by biotwist

Panda Sweater Pattern by ghozai

Protect your Soul by X3RTY

Melting Blues by SeedSickShit

Trap Set Trike by seventhfury

Caught by Todd Fooshee

Streets Are Dangerous by Peach Design

Reunion by andreasardy

Last Samurai by EligoDesign


Kendra Gaines

Kendra Gaines is a young freelance designer for Norfolk, VA. Visit her online portfolio at and follow her on twitter @TheGainesColl.


  1. You want to see some other really cool t-shirt designs? You should check out Lain Lee 3 Design’s work, follow him on Twitter (@LainLee3Design).

    His Steel Town Native shirt really shows off his artistry and mastery of the craft of making fine threads.

  2. Protect Your Soul and Living Paint <3

    I've yet to find a good local digital printer for some ideas. Silk screen's good but the amount of color and detail like the ones showed here definitely won't do well there.

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