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Dirk Metzmacher June 13th, 2013

To Hope Beyond Hope: iOS 7 Concepts Jony Ive Should Definitely Draw Inspiration From

Flat and very, very colorful is Apple's new approach to iOS. Reactions are partly flat, partly very colorful, too. "Love it or leave it" seems to be the only option. Yet, iOS 7 is only a beta version, nothing needs to be carved in stone by now, Jony. We have collected numerous different concepts to show you and our readers, how iOS could turn out to become. Some are somewhat resemblant, some are totally different, but all are - much more beautiful! Please, draw some inspiration from these creations, if only a little...

iPhone Flat UI Concept

Designer: Anton Kovalev Why it is better: Flat, but with a lot more subtle color set ios1
© Anton Kovalev

iOS 7 Concept design

Designer: Denes Farkas Why it is better: More clean, more minimal, reduced to only a few colors ios2
© Denes Farkas

IOS 7 Lockscreen Concept

Designer: Alexis Jossart Why it is better: Though only the lock screen, this concept shows a more subtle design language ios3
© Alexis Jossart

iOS 7 icons

Designer: Sameer Ahmed Why it is better: Taken the beta and remixed it for the better ios4
© Sameer Ahmed

iOS 7: Just a concept

Designer: Peyman Eskandari Description: Circular login screen ios5
© Peyman Eskandari

iOS 7 Concept

Designer: Luca Abelardo Why it is better: Had we not hoped for a radically redesigned home screen? ios6
© Luca Abelardo

Flat iPhone Concept

Designer: André Wyatt Why it is better: Flat, minimal, beautiful ios7
© André Wyatt

Icons iOS Flat design

Designer: Mohamed Kerroudj Why it is better: A more glossy style of flat design ios8
© Mohamed Kerroudj

Flat iOS icons concept

Designer: Tom Arrowsmith Why it is better: Minimal design with 3D elements ios9
© Tom Arrowsmith

IOS7 Concept MCASE

Designer: Alexis Jossart Why it is better: More flat, subtle gradients ios10
© Alexis Jossart

Stunning concept of iOS 7

Designer: Simply Zesty Why it is better: Widgets, lockscreen - flat, gradients ios11
© Simply Zesty

Weather App Minimal Concept

Designer: Sanja Veljanoska Concept: A minimalistic Weather app ios12
© Sanja Veljanoska

iOS 7 - Concept

Designer: Mads Bengtsson Why it is better: Rounded, textured, with social media components ios13
© Mads Bengtsson

Interactive iPhone 5S & iOS7 Concept

Designer: recombu Concept: Interactive iOS demo ios14
© recombu

iOS 7 Concept

Designer: Moin Ahmad Concept: 2D with a slight 3D touch ios15
© Moin Ahmad

iOS 7: Redesigned Icons Free

Designer: Tim Degner ios16
© Tim Degner

iOS 7 Mockup

Designer: Sam Waterbury Concept: 3D with resemblances to Windows ios17
© Sam Waterbury

iOS 7 concept

Designer: Apfelpage Why it is better: Mixes the former iOS concepts with the new influences, adds minimal extensions ios19
© Apfelpage

Re-imagining iOS

Designer: Tom Arrowsmith Concept: A more traditional approach ios18
© Tom Arrowsmith

Baidu voice assistant concept design

Designer: Sky Concept: Voice assistant with 2D feeling ios20
© Sky

One More Thing...

If you still think, Jony Ive's concept for iOS 7 fits like a glove, head on over to this Tumblr entitled Jony Ive Redesigns Things. I guess this makes things clearer...


Dirk Metzmacher

Dirk Metzmacher is a professional Photoshop trainer, book author and designed with over 10 years of experience. He is also a creative mind behind Photoshop Weblog, a blog about techniques, tutorials and resources related to Adobe Photoshop.


  1. Actually, I prefer Ive’s design over most of these, even though I do have some issues with his design. I like previous music app better than the one on iOS7 (mainly in a landscape mode) and I don’t like some of the icons on iOS7 (safari, newsstand, settings).

    From these designs I particularly like and would love to be incorporated into iOS7 are the camera app design (by Denes), Icons (by Sameer) and Multitasking (by Tom). I also like some icons from Alexis concept, but as I said, I pretty much like what Ive has done with the home screen.

    Nice post

  2. I find it completely bizarre that iOS 7 is refered to by so many designers as *flat.*

    If you’ve held an iPhone running this, the last thing you’d call it is a flat design. Even beyond the obvious parallax elements of the OS, the various elements of the system feel very layered and dimensional.

  3. Most of these concepts are not great either. What Apple could do to solve ALL of these issues of people hating their interface or just the icons and also saving hundreds of hours of work in the process, is to add theme capability to iOS. As shown above, there are more than a few designers willing to give up hours out of their lives to create icons and interface elements for the iPhone.
    I miss the old days of Mac OS, where you could edit the actual interface or use fantastic utilities like Kaleidoscope to change the entire look of the system. The really need to do this for iPhone.

  4. Apple is about innovation. How about starting by NOT copying the already trendy and overuse “flat” look. Invent Apple! Break the mold! That’s what Jobs was all about.

  5. When did adding dimension with gradients and drop shadows become “flat”? Doesn’t flat imply little-to-no dimension?

  6. Yeah, iOS preview is already out. And the icons are flat. just look at it at apple’s site. (I almost prefer the original design that that one). It actually sound official, if you go to developer.apple.com.

  7. Seriously, this is why people actually study graphic design for years and perfect their vision and techniques for even more. Ive is a great industrial designer, but that doesn’t mean he can do graphic design. In most cases good industrial designers are pretty bad graphic designers and vise versa. The case with Ive is no different. People think that if they studied design or design related field, they can create a logo or an icon. As the matter of fact they can’t. Simple as that.

    Note: I’m not a designer, I’m a developer, but I’m pissed at the current state of devaluation of craftsmanship and status of graphic designers, emphasized even further by this interface redesign fiasco.

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