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Brand-new Service PixelBuddha Offers At Least One New Design Freebie per Week

A new service from Russia, maintained by the not so unknown Nick Frost and Greg Lapin, first saw the light of day a good three weeks ago. Frost, Lapin and their small team report to have worked the better part of a year to get ready to launch PixelBuddha. On the one hand, in regard to their Premium products, PixelBuddha will be their central point of sales. On the other hand, PixelBuddha will be a well of high-grade design freebies. From what we see thus far, high-grade is not an empty promise. PixelBuddha will conquer your toolbox, too. I'm pretty sure about that...


PixelBuddha, by the makers of Smallicons and Ballicons

Nick Frost and Greg Lapin are present throughout the creative marketplaces of the globe. Especially their icon coillections have made the known and respected. I'd guess, that our family member Smashing Magazine has had its fair share here. The free extended version of Smallicons has been offered for free exclusively via Smashing up to now. And Smashing, with its far more than 10 million pageviews monthly, sure is able to do wonders to your reputation and profile. Now, with the start of PixelBuddha, Smallicons can also be downloaded from there, an updated and enhanced version 1.1 with 70 more symbols is available, too.

Isn't it great to be a designer these days? I remember that, back when I started out in the beginning of the Nineties, all you could get to help you design faster required hard dollars and not only a handful. For a few hundred bucks you'd then get an 8 CD collection of (only partially professional) clip-arts with a laughable interface to search elements from. Searching a finding was a pain, copy protections made it even harder to finish work in a timely manner. Today I still feel pain, but only because I'm spoilt for choice. Free, professional resources are all over the place. It is hard to keep track of all of them. But that's an effort, I'm willing to take.

PixelBuddha, Free for Commercial Use

Frost and Lapin tested the waters and found out, that meeting the oftentimes too special requirements of individual clients wasn't exactly their cup of tea. Instead they found the design community to be a much better target group, and serving here promised to be a lot more fun. I'd expect the PixelBuddha to become their web head quarter and main project. I'm excited to see where development leads it.

Thematically, there are no restrictions. The team wants to offer UI kits, HTML templates, PSDs as well as animations, vectors, mockups and more. All the free resources are not only free for private, bus also free for commercial use. The premium resources carry individual licenses and need a more thorough look before you use them. Interesting, as this usually is the other way round...

As it has only been three weeks, since the service started, you shouldn't expect to get overwhelmed with content. But already at this point in time, there are quite a few gems for you to discover. The team promises to add at least one high-grade design freebie per week, with an emphasis on the words "at least".

The service is open for external designers, too. So, if you want to giveaway your design resource, you could submit it to the Buddha. If it is good enough, it might pass the strict quality checks and be available for download then. In their Tumblr-driven blog, Nick and Greg provide you with insights as to what they pursue in the long run as well as what came and comes next.

To give you an impression of what to expect, I put together a short list of my favorite resources from PixelBuddha. I left out the obvious - Smallicons and Ballicons. I guess these are nothing new to you:

Neon Signboard Effect (PSD)


Vintage Logo-Kit Vol. 2 (PSD with Vector Shapes)


Numbers UI Kit (PSD Kit for Data, Numbers, Statistics)


Buddha Line Icons Vol. 1 (PSD with Vector Shapes, PNG)


Identity Mockup Vol. 1 (PSD with Smart Objects)


You'll agree, PixelBuddha has potential. Follow the team on Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble or via RSS, to keep updated. For those who like it, there is a newsletter available, too...

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