Tim Mercer December 22nd, 2009

35 Awesome Vector Illustrations

Unlike raster-based images, vector images are infinitely scalable. From the photo-realistic to the abstract, vector art is as varied as any other medium of expression. The artist featured here have taken their craft to the next level with these inspirational images. In this inspirational post we present 35 beautiful vector illustrations that will certainly inspire you. Do you have further suggestions for beautiful vector illustrations or just some nice ideas for next inspirational posts? Let us know in the comments to this post!

Vector Illustrations

Christiano vi2 vi1 vi3 vi4 vi5 Jonathan Ball mario Zutto Tundra p3nx Saleen_S7R_Vector_by_p3nx Varziel Schmetterling_by_varziel Jorge Packer Gato_by_jorgepacker Alegas Spring_by_alegas Andres Cardenes tattoo Robotnicc My_Sweet_Fracture_by_robotnicc Lee Daniels Big_Jack_by_LeeDaniels Lil_Han_and_Chewy_by_lordmesa Plue Seafood_Ramen__by_plue Miracola monster island ndesign-studio koifish-lg1 Highside sv1000s-l Limkis man_of_genius_by_LimKis commission_portrait_by_LimKis Zoomwafflez Nikon_D50_view_1_by_Zoomwafflez Bandila the_Porsche_by_bandila Pixelledanddead _Blood_Blossom__by_pixelledanddead nrslkrkc F1_Vector_by_nrslkrkc Drownsoda Happiness_Is_A_Warm_Gun copy Ruslan Khasanov 990951238220718 990951238220773 990951250740662 Turp ___Angelina_Jolie____by_turp Pentoolart Red_Indian_by_pentoolart Super_Stock_by_pentoolart

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Yukio Miyamoto nagra horn.0




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About the author

Tim Mercer is a photography enthusiast, graphic designer, artist and blogger. His blog digital-artist-toolbox offers free resources to the digital artist and graphic designer as well as tutorials, artist interviews, inspiration and more.

Tim Mercer

Tim Mercer is a photography enthusiast, graphic designer, artist and blogger. His blog offers free resources for the digital artist and graphic designer, as well as tutorials, artist interviews, inspiration and more.


  1. Oh My God…. I didn’t even know some of these things were possible. Could it be possible to make a tutorial out of one of these more accurate drawings? Or maybe post the original file: so that I can analyze an figure it out myself? Thanks!!!

  2. The image with chewie from star wars, is with the wrong link..
    its linking to the nikon d50 one.
    Hope you can fix, was the best for me.. haha lol

    Really amazing works.

  3. Woot! Some nice new vector art there. The Alegas one is unbelievable realistic. If it’s not listed here, I would thought it’s a photo.

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