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Design Trends of Movie Posters 2010

An eye-catching and original poster is very important for any major success of a movie. You will most probably agree that it is a pretty hard task to embody the plot in one single poster. Of course you can use such powerful tools like typography, colors and protagonist faces but still you have to know the secret formula for mixing all these things the right way. [fblike] Nowadays there are many talented artists that create real masterpieces for the filmmaking industry. Modern technologies provide a huge variety of superb tools and impressive effects thought it is not that easy to find really unique works. Today we will talk about some common features that are typical for movie posters created in 2010. It was a real challenge to mark out some features that would be typical for more than 2-3 movies, so you might have your own opinion and we would be more than glad to hear it! Related: Movie Poster Template

Typography Mixed with Characters' Faces

One of the best techniques that are used this year – just take a look at “Salt” and “Red” posters. As you can see, a great combination of eye-catching typography with actors’ faces is a very successful method that attracts well along with a fresh and remarkable solution. REDRed Stone Stone From Paris With LoveFrom Paris With Love Client 9client 9

National symbols

It was strange to find that there are only a few posters that have been created which feature national flags. Here we’ve found five movies that provide original posters with mostly American “stars & stripes” and plus one point for our friends from the Netherlands (The Tillman Story). Kick-AssKick-Ass I Want Your MoneyI want your money The Tillman StoryThe Tillman Story Zombies of Mass DestructionZombies of Mass Destruction Ghetto Physics Ghetto Physics

White Clean Style

Looks like this design trend has slightly migrated from web design to the filming industry because we ignore the fact of popularity of white clean websites. Of course this trend is not that new – we can see many similar works that were published in the last decade, but 2009 still doesn't have that many white and clean posters compared to 2010. Creation Creation All Good Things All good things Black Swan Black Swan For Colored GirlsFor Colored Girls Greenberg Greenberg

Deep Blue colors

Another trend connected with colors is represented by the deeply blue posters. Few of these have obvious reasons to be blue (sky and water are blue) but the others actually could have any other color scheme. Though we must admit that the blue color scheme has also been very successful. The Last AirbenderThe Last Airbender Daybreakers Daybreakers Skyline Skyline Hereafter Hereafter Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoolelegend of the guardians the owls of gahoole Oceans Oceans

Old School Style

Well, vintage will always be fancy and cool because you know it’s vintage! A year by year we can observe many wonderful movie posters performed with excellent retro techniques that make our hearts and souls remember something that was long time ago and say “those were the days!” We will probably have more and more vintage posters every year and have a great number of posters worth to be featured under the Retro trend. Night Catches UsNight Catches Us Runaways Runaways Thunder Soul Thunder Soul Tacwacores tacwacores Happy Tears Happy Tears


The last category is the most popular this year because (according to our research) there are so many posters with collages that it was hard to pick up the five best. This is great technique because it allows presenting a huge number of actors into one poster and illustrating the most interesting scenes of the forthcoming film. Babies Babies Helena from WeddingHelena from Wedding High Life High Life Kids Are All Rightkids are all right Mother and Childmother and child These were the design trends that we have traced in the best movie posters of 2010 – Please let us know in case we have missed a good one and which 2010 movie is worth watching! (ik) [fblike]

Bhanu Ahluwalia

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  1. Great posters! Thanks, they’ve given me some ideas to try out already. One question however, how does this sentence “It was strange to find that there are only a few posters that have been created which feature national flags” qualify the subsequent posters as a trend? Was there a poster that you just wanted to include to you searched out similar ones?

    Minor quibble, I guess, but the post should have been about trends.

  2. Excellent posters with the well & impressive designs. I love all of it & inspired with them. Especially the posters like DayBreakers, HereAfter & Stone where i really impressed with. Keep on doing this great job. Congrats.

  3. I have seen all the posters of movie.I am a great fan of movie posters as well. One things that goes quiet unnoticed with the design of my gallery Footerama is the subtle noir poster look of the site.An eye-catching and original poster is very important for any major success of a movie.

  4. …. a great collection of design trends of movie posters of the year 2010 !! Thanks to Brukhar for sharing this article at “Noupe Design Blog”…. you really should check this blog out…. much to be seen there !!

  5. I really love all these posters, especially the move towards the clean style. Im still a sucker for the blue posters as well. Great inspirational collection

  6. Nice blog for the inspiration on design trends of movie posters. I love all the posters & inspired of its extreme designs. Some here are most favorites of mine like Salt, Stone, From Paris with Love & Hereafter etc.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post, Keep up the the great blog postings ever like this.

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