Tim Mercer December 15th, 2010

More Stunning Snow Sculptures

Using packed snow blocks as a base, teams of sculptors produce towering works of art that put your average snowman to shame. From abstract sculptures to full scale buildings, anything is possible when you combine tons of snow and talent. Once again, we present some spectacular snow sculptures from all over the world. So put down your carrot and snow shovel and check out these massive masterpieces! [fblike] Lindsy - A massive sculpture in China: 03-wd1209-snow-palace Chillkoot - It's amazing that this sculpture can even support itself: 1866630989_29528db8d6 Roger Moen - This hand has an interesting texture: web Just-Jen - The Taj Mahal in snow: 74596617_ec03bcc40e R Todd king - These wild horses are full of movement and beauty: 1 A nighttime shot of a rooster looks really cool with the colored lights: 4 Christopher Chan This Japanese style building is unbelievably detailed: 1866630989_29528db8d6 Adam Pretty - A large, peaceful Buddha: Harbin+International+Ice+Snow+Sculpture+Festival+Od3h0kAeLHwl Two very ornate Buddhas tower over onlookers: Harbin+International+Ice+Snow+Sculpture+Festival+yfIHL0VJkfXl Sheng Li - A team of artists work on this massive sculpture at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China: h02_21484415 Sacbee - The people in this picture give a good sense of the scale of this sculpture: China Snow Festival The blue lights make this sculpture even more tranquil: Hkg3097327 Rdawg - A girl and a dragon: 3239782835_e0f5e0a99c Kids and cake make a playful sculpture: 3239877637_612f65948b The lens on this camera is big enough for someone to walk in: 3240635890_d7a72139da Canadian Snow Sculpture Team - Classical statue sculpture: nike-side_lg Great detail in the foliage on this one: paradigm This little village scene was part of a larger piece: village Bette Erikson - I can't even imagine how this hollow globe was made: 20100126__28behik_500 Guadalupe laiz - Owl in a tree trunk: Imagen14 Out There - A warrior on his horse: IMG_1427 A playful sculpture of a cat: IMG_1422 This large horse head looks like a chess piece: IMG_1404 This geometric sculpture is impressive. dcp00623 Unknown - Life-sized dinosaurs: harbin1ice107dwvk3nq3 Hakkaido - The detail of this sculpture is simply amazing: sapporo_odori_21_600 ViajesMag - Absolutely stunning sculpture in Sapporo Japan: sapporo_snow_festival

Further resources

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(ik) [fblike]

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  1. These are some nice pics. I saw them on Google images too, so this its not hard to make a website like this. Nice comments of the pics. by the author, some really. Not bad
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