Angie Bowen August 19th, 2011

Traditional Darkroom Photography: Hipsters in the Darkroom

In these digital days of Hipstamatic and Instagram, and any number of photography related apps, the world wide web is inundated with hipster shutterbugs and their galleries of enhanced, or filtered photos. So much so, that many people forget the traditional roots that these digital effects spawned from and the mastery so many still practice.

These analog professionals still practice their craft in the darkrooms far from the digital reaches of the app effected trends that tend to rule the social media scenes so many of us populate these days. Today we pay homage to those heroes of traditional photography, often mistaken for hipsters digitally capturing their days on their various mobile devices, with a showcase of art wrought from the darkroom trays and stop baths.

Enter the darkroom and see the amazing effects that these pros can wrangle that still rival their digital counterparts in spades. And stop by the resources gathered at the end for your own darkroom setup tips. Enjoy!

Enter the Darkroom

p a i n by wiersz

Solitaire by EvilxElf

They Grow Up So Fast by jierumi

Laria by

Towards the Without by xxlogre

No Name by assafezra

City Abstracted by Polazarus2

Lomo 8 by AnneSoLand

Chistoprudniy Bulvar by CorsoDomenic

The Church by DemonMathiel

Brolly by pahness

In Search of Avalon by mopho-to

Pinhole’s Yellow Points by BlackDennie

Moonland by pahness

Darien-Holga by Mayfair710

BCN Lomo by AnneSoLand

early waking by equivoque

Holga Twister by whitestar98

In The Rye by melkore314

BOWL by equivoque

pearls on skin by Finvara

i don’t know if i’m ready by kahoxworth

burning field by melkore314

lonely rabbit by kahoxworth

2 by theluckynine

Gloria in te Domine by darmodej

Play Me a Song by imveryconfused

I miss England by staged

romanticism by youreuglykbie

In the mist by filibree

Cloudy day by nocturnal0light

Doorway by mrabanal

You First by intao

A Fleeting Glimpse by intao

corner by s-t-r-a-n-g-e

148 by gonacas

keys by awaitingdawn

Coming Home by intao

Set Up Your Own Darkroom

Now that the pics have possibly pushed you into wanting to try a new hobby, there is a short selection of useful resources for setting up your own traditional photography darkroom below to fill you in on what you need to get the ball rolling.


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. Great collection!
    I’m jealous on this kind of photographers, I always wanted to know how take a photo like one in the collection.

  2. Wow, those are some incredible images…and to think they were all generated through analog equipment. Just awesome.

  3. You have got an amazing sence of taste and they pictures that are selected are simply awsome. Please can you post images of Rainbows and rain?

  4. Glad that the post is inspiring, and opening some eyes to the amazing wonders analog professionals are still producing today. Thanks for all the comments.

    Noupe Editorial Team

  5. Don’t be surprised if the image from traditional camera will be sharp and in good quality. Many of above shots are from toy cameras, not from proper traditional cameras (though I still like’em no matter what was used to get those shots). Traditional photography is not unsharp and dirty, it’s as good as the digital and the results could be very similar. It’s just different way to make photos.

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