Dirk Metzmacher December 16th, 2016

20 gorgeous Examples of Street Art Murals

Sometimes illegal, but how can something so amazing and creative be a crime? Any fence or wall could be the next canvas for beautiful artwork. Take a look at these gorgeous examples of street art.


Herr von Bias is the artist of this attacker. Take a look at the gallery with 14 more photos. street-art1 © Steffi Reichert

Project "Byens hegn"

This Art can be viewed in three different ways. The middle pieces with textured backgrounds displaying elements of the station, the left side showing the word "Goddag", the right side the word "Farvel". street-art2 © Sabrine Lassen

Long runs the fox

Dermot McConaghy painting girls and skulls. His works can be seen in publications like Computer Arts Magazine or House of Tate Magazine. street-art3 © Dermot McConaghy

Draw me a wall

Julien uses Street Art as a backdrop for his photos. The new elements expand the scene. street-art4 © Julien Coquentin

Maior Mural do Mundo

It has just been recognized by the Guinness Book, as the largest mural in the world. 15 meters high and 170 meters long. street-art5 © Eduardo Kobra

JR and Liu Bolin

Can you see the person before the Street Art? It`s like double art in one picture. street-art6 © NewYorkStreetArt

Arsek & Erase

Georgi and Jelio Dimitrov are creatively united. Illustrators of Sofia, Bulgaria. street-art7 © Georgi Dimitrov & Jelio Dimitrov

Curtain Rd

A "Curtain Rd" in London. Take a look at the other Projects with more amazing art of David Walker. street-art8 © David Walker


DaLeast has its own, very unusual style. Numerous curvy lines shape a larger element. street-art9 © daleast


A project by the Agency Luminus Creative from Zagreb, Croatia. Buying a single set of UNICEF postcards provides 26 children with the necessary child paralysis vaccine. street-art10 © Unicef

Pass-pass to Heaven

Part of the "Kantina Kreuzberg" project. A group of artists painted the outside from this new pizzeria named "Eckstuck". street-art11 © MTO

melted boi graffiti

A piece made for the area 503 graffiti contest from The Zork. Be sure to check out his amazing fan art. street-art12 © The Zork

Mr. T

Hector Arrivillagas USA collection of Street Art Murals. street-art13 © Hector Arrivillaga

Ever - Roa

Collaborative piece “The people feed communism to the beast”. street-art14 © Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada

Interpretive Machine #1

This great piece of art was realized in the context of the Urban Art Festival of Winterthur. street-art15 © nevercrew


Visionarya Vandalism is your daily dose of graffiti, murals, and urban art. street-art16 © Visionarya Vandalism

Sum Times

Please take one look at the work of new york-based Aakash Nihalani. 3D images on two-dimensional surfaces. street-art17 © Aakash Nihalani

Knowl­edge speaks — Wis­dom lis­tens

Wild Draw­ing was born in Bali and is cur­rently based in Athens, Greece. He has degrees in Fine Arts and in Applied Arts. street-art18 © Wild Drawing

Face of the City

A series of portrait-based works that combines the charm found in the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the prominent features of the human face. street-art19 © Dan Bergeron

XYZ Axis

Matt dubbed his digital abstract style ‘Vectorfunk’ early on in his career, and has since employed it to cover surfaces ranging from Ray-Ban Wayfarers to Nixon wristwatches; large 3D mosaic walls for Instagram HQ, and an entire issue of Wired Magazine. street-art20 © Matt W. Moore

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  4. The photos are really great. Actually, street art can be amazing sometimes. It is not only beautiful but also inspiring.

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