Nataly Birch May 5th, 2015

Incredible Typography: 28 Sculptural Fonts (Showcase)

Typography is considered to be a fine art that at first place adorns print media. Although it is widely used for its primary purpose, which obviously is displaying text, it is able to not just bring the content to view but also reflect its meaning. It can dish out data in the way you imagined it to, easily conveying a gamut of emotions, setting the proper atmosphere and strengthening the overall esthetics. What’s more, as a sophisticated artist using CorelDraw, Cinema 4d and 3DS Max, you are powerless to resist the attraction of creating something big and matchless. From surreal compositions to highly realistic scenes, designers let their imagination run wild, thus turning regular letterforms into mind-blowing masterpieces. Incredible Typography: 28 Sculptural Fonts To show this in practice, we have prepared a series of articles dedicated to unique, incredible and matchless typefaces that instantly stand out from the crowd. Today we begin with top-notch sculptural typography. Have fun.

Sculptural Alphabet by Alexis Persani

sculptural alphabet Creator: Alexis Persani

100 Creative Numbers

100 creative numbers Creator: Alexis Persani

Space Typography

space typography Creator: Jerome Corgier

Sculptural Typography

series of sculptural typography Creator: Nick Havranek

Typographic Experiment III

typographic experiment Creator: Siobhán Murphy

Pony Up

pony up type Creator: Rachael Seatvet

Arial Family

arial black Creator: Alex Palazzi

Atomic 29 Sculptural Letterforms

pipe font Creator: Maribel Gray

Space for Fantasy - La Galerie des Galeries

space for fantazy Creator: Akatre Studio

The Sculpted Alphabet

sculpted abc Creator: Foreal

Alphabet Series

experimental type Creator: Like Minded Studio

Typeface: Gold Filling

typeface with gold filing Creator: David Brodeur

Eat Me, the Candy Alphabet

candy alphabet Creator: Massimo Gammacurta

Polygon 2.7

polygon typeface Creator: Emily Lokta

Shadow Line

shadow line Creator: Remy Chard

Word Sculptures: Fashion Types · Word Wares

word sculptures Creator: Penelope Jordan

"S"peaker Letterform

wooden sculptural piece Creator: Stefan McIntosh

Sculptural Typography

golden sculptural typography Creator: Lindsey Camelio

Sculptural Type

glossy sculptural type Creator: Mandy Hernaez

Graphic Lamp Collection | Ambiances

light type Creator: DELIGHTFULL | UNIQUE LAMPS

"Do Not Play With Your Food" #1 Sweets and Candy

sweet type Creator: Alex Palazzi


yorokobu numbers Creator: Muokkaa Studio

War of the Machines - ///3 XX

brutish type Creator: François Leroy

New Year Postcard

happy typography Creator: Olga Protasova

Think Typo

think type Creator: José Bernabé

ABC Paper Crafts

paper typography Creator: Henrik Grill

Attention: Craft

craft type Creator: Snask


atypical Creator: Pawel Nolbert (dpe)

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  1. Nice and inspiring typography designs. It’s not easy working with typography so I really admire graphic designer who create such amazing designs.

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