Nataly Birch July 6th, 2015

Let it Glow: 30 Electrifying Examples of High-end Typography

There are some mind-blowing types that radiate of marvelous high-tech Magic and exude an image of sophistication and a subtle sense of brutality. Whether it is a flawlessly reproduced steampunk style lettering that just fascinates by polished shiny bronze surfaces and inventive construction. Or it is a gloomy yet bold and grotesque professionally executed neon sign planned down to the latest detail and enlivened through a series of special effects. It is certainly an eye catcher that can outshine, or at least stand with other original, jaw-dropping fonts in equality. highendtypography-teaser_EN In order to convey the powerful atmosphere of mechanization and advancement, artists render splendid compositions. Lettering can be literally assembled with the help of highly realistic mockups of tubes, cylinders, bulbs, then further enhanced through flawlessly treated textures of wood, metal, plastic,or glass and finished off through a plenty of complementary objects with a rustic or rough nature. Such projects are true pieces of art that demonstrate not only a skill level but also imagination and creativity of a designer. The list below includes some spectacular representative examples of this sort of typography. Enjoy and let us know what you think about them

Veej - Vintage Neon

veej type Creator: Veej

February Update

febryary series of type Creator: Peter Tarka

Typography 11

new york city type Creator: Peter Tarka


july type Creator: Peter Tarka

3D Logo Ruim

3d logo ruim Creator: Studio Daad

Work Update Sept.2014

september issue Creator: RDN Studio

Works June

peace - works june Creator: RDN Studio

Works Oct.

works october issue Creator: RDN Studio

Work Feb/Mar

works february-march Creator: RDN Studio

Steve Angelo 3D Neon Sign

steve angello sign Creator: Elias Klingén

February Updates

february updates Creator: Benoit Challand


lost composition Creator: Benoit Challand

Fancy Wood

fancy wood type Creator: Benoit Challand


robust type Creator: Benoit Challand


tips and type series Creator: Federico Kanno

April 2014 Update

april 2014 series Creator: Ryogo Toyoda

Heavy Wooden Machine

hwm Creator: Ryogo Toyoda

Movie Poster 02 Modern Times

movie poster Creator: MORPHINE MG

Typography 03

typography 03 Creator: Peter Tarka


wired type Creator: Wes L Cockx

Cycle of Recycling / Shinbone Creative

cycle of recycling Creator: &Reach Management

Fullstop on Wall

fullstop on wall Creator: Mohamed Reda


2014 happy new year Creator: Mohamed Reda

Beakerhead 3D Type

beakerhead type Creator: Joey Camacho

Woofer type

woofer type Creator: Fabian Flenker


prototype Creator: Emilio La Mura

NYE 2015

nye 2015 Creator: Wes L Cockx

Type - jT

type jt Creator: Javier Tommasi


brightened type Creator: Rafael Merino and South and Island

2014 Steampunk Poster

2014 steampunk poster Creator: ZAKI Abdelmounim

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