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Masters of Graphic Design and Illustration: 25+ Interviews

Getting to know masters of graphic design is the first step every serious graphic designer should do . Today we brought you 25 talented graphic designers interviewed, and got you the answers to all the questions you might have. So lets get started and let us know who is your favorite designer and why. 1) Interview with Giulia Balladore- An Italy Based Illustrator Designer’s Website:
2) Interview: Cristiano Siqueira- is a digital illustrator from Brazil who fuses vectors, 3-D and Photoshop together to create his distinct pictures. Designer’s Website: CrisVector
3) Interview:Tessar Lo- Indonesian-Canadian artist/illustrator Tessar Lo. His paintings, combining Asian elements with themes of dreams, nature and human concepts, have an almost mystical aura which surely resonates with his fans. Designer’s Website: Tessar lo
4) Interview: Jacob Souva Designer’s Website: Two Fish Illustration & Design
5) Maciej Hajnrich Interview- Maciej Hajnrich AKA Valp Nietylko is a designer that embraces the merging of chaos and color. He has a great sense of free flowing composition. Designer’s Website: Portfolio
6) Sergio Ordóñez Suánez Interview- Sergio Ordóñez Suánez is an illustrator and artist that creates great: characters, logos, mascots, and other designs, done predominately in Photoshop. He took his self-honed skills and turned them into a successful professional career. Designer’s Website:
7) Oksana Grivina- A Russian freelance illustrator. Designer’s Website: Oksana Grivina’s website
8 ) Interview: Chuck Anderson- Chuck Anderson is a graphic designer that has managed to cull a list of clients that would make a seasoned designer envious. Nike, 555Soul, Pepsi, Sony, Garcia Marquez, and Reebok- just to name a few. Designer’s Website: NoPattern
9) Andrio Abero Interview Designer’s Website:
10) Kyle T. Webster Interview Designer’s Website: kyle T. Webster
11) James White Interview- A very talented, experienced designer from Nova Scotia, you probably have already seen his work and if you are like me you must have gotten very impressed with his style. Designer’s Website:
12) Rik Oostenbroek Interview- Rik Oostenbroek, also known as Nkeo (18 years old), is an awesome graphic designer from the Netherlands. His abstract arts are famous and brought his artwork to the cover of the Computer Arts Magazine. Designer’s Website:
13) Jeff FisherInterview- Jeff Fisher is an identity designer, design book author, branding consultant, magazine writer and design lecturer and you better believe it - a blogger too. Designer’s Website:
14) An Interview with Dan Yaccarino- JDan Yaccarino is an internationally celebrated illustrator and writer. Designer’s Website:
15) An Interview with Simon Oxley- His work features strong Japanese influence and more than a touch of refreshing humor. The simplicity of his work has inspired countless designers today, bridging the cultures of Japan, Europe and the US. Designer’s Website:
16) 7 Questions with MWM Graphics Matt Designer’s Website:
17) Paul Rogers Interview- Paul is a prolific illustrator and designer, with 23 years producing superb illustrations and designs for the high-end publishers and corporations. Designer’s Website:
18) Veerle Pieters-An amazing graphic/web designer living in Belgium. Her personal journal is an online source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to graphic design tips. Designer’s Website:
19) Luke Feldman- Illustrator, designer, musician, animator and pop artist, SKAFFS’ work has happily traversed the globe, as has he. Designer’s Website:
20) Tony Weinstock- Tony Weinstock is an illustrator living in northern California and has worked on comic books, feature films, and casual games. Designer’s Website:
21) John Martz- John is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Toronto. Designer’s Website:
22) An Interview with Javier Ocasio- A top graphic designers on deviantART Designer’s deviantART Profile:
23) Interview With Duffzilla- An interview which a lot of people will be interested to read, dA's very own Star Bear Designer’s deviantART Profile:
24) Interview With Reggie Gilbert- Reggie Gilbert, otherwise known as the man that works non-stop and still finds time to snowboard most of the winter, can switch back lip a 10 stair, is a hot rod builder and a mean flamenco guitarist. Designer’s Website:
25) Interview with Kareena Zerefos- Kareena Zerefos will enchant you with her delicately crafted images Designer’s Website:

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  1. Here is a link to another interview with links to 7 more other graphic design interviews.

    Check out the group graphic design interview project.

  2. @Jacob Cass: Thanks for the link, excellent interview as well!

    @Fubiz: Thanks for the feedback :)

    @Sergio: Oops. Nice catch. I wish you all the best.

  3. Most of these people would be classed as illustrators, not designers. There is a huge difference. Both disciplines take a huge amount of skill and creative talent, and these people have bucketloads of both, but the majority are still illustrators.

  4. I agree with Juan , these are illustrators .
    Masters of GD would be Neville Brody or David Carson or Vignelli etc.
    Having said that, these illustrators are real good!

  5. @Juan Rodriguez, @George Paul,
    You are right, many of these guys are illustrators but most of them happen to be designers as well. I just didn’t want to have a long title saying so.

    I do appreciate your comment, and I do encourage discussions in the comment section, and your concerns are truly valid. Thanks guys :)

  6. This is amazing. I only just found this page and I’m so flattered that an interview with me was included.
    I suppose it’s one of the beautiful side-effect of the internet that an absolute nobody like me can feel slightly important for a few minutes.
    Thanks so much.
    I really appreciate it :)

    – Duffzilla

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