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Seven Amazing Neon Dreamscapes Made on Mobile Phones

Seven Amazing Neon Dreamscapes Made on Mobile Phones
Using mobile phones, these artists are bringing highly unusual weather to the cities of the world. Neon blue clouds and purple fog have descended on urban centers in these seven luminescent dreamscapes. While you might think that these effects require sophisticated skills in one of the powerful pixel editors, such as Photoshop, we are about to surprise you. Read on. Seven Amazing Neon Dreamscapes Made on Mobile Phones The artists below all used the free mobile photo editor, PicsArt, to create double exposures that combine clouds with pictures of skylines. Though they’re using the same simple features, each artist used a unique approach to putting their creative stamp on this psychedelic trend. If you also have a creative itch to scratch, check out their excellent images and draw inspiration from their various techniques. Now for the goods. Hop aboard a purple cloud and set course for neon paradise.

1. Miami in the Clouds

1_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 By keeping the clouds low, this artist created a perspective like we’re descending from the sky and breaching the clouds to see a vibrant city sprawling below.

2. A Radioactive Glow

2_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 Increasing the contrast to accentuate bright patches of concentrated light can make a city look like it’s so radioactive that it’s glowing.

3. Mist Rising from the Streets

3_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 Playing with different cloud formations and how they fit over a shot can yield surprises. The clouds in this edit look more like steam rising from the streets.

4. Light Painting with Time-Lapse

4_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 The ribbons of light created by cars in a time-lapse are ideal for breaking up space in your images and cutting bright lines through the thick-colored mist.

5. A Neon Sunset

5_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 This artist used the colors that were already in the original shot. Here the orange sunset transitions perfectly between the purple on the bottom and the blue on top.

6. Lights in a Color Storm

6_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 There’s a simple reason nighttime photos look amazing in neon weather… city lights! Bonus points for reflections in a nearby body of water.

7. Warhol Weather

7_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016_picsart_dreamscapes_032016 This image shows how harsh contrasts in brightness and color tone can add a scrappy pop art veneer to any dreamscape. Want to make a dreamscape of your own? The PicsArt app is free on iOS, Android, and Windows, and there’s even an easy-to-follow PicsArt tutorial to walk you through the steps. Give it a go and send a gust of glowing neon weather blowing through your hometown. This post was provided by PicsArt, a mobile photo editing app that provides people with a canvas for creating, collaborating, and exploring. With a full creative suite for photo editing, PicsArt makes it easy to create beautiful images, no matter where you are. (dpe)

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  1. My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped looking at these…can’t believe they are from a phone and PicsArt app. Will check it out for sure, thanks!

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