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Styles of Japan: A Showcase of Manga and Anime Illustration

Illustration is a field that is overflowing with imagination. From the various styles and mediums that illustrators have at their disposal, imagination seems to be about the only limit to their work. One area in particular that never seems to be lacking in imagination is the Japanese styles commonly known as manga and anime.

While typically meaning forms of comics and animation, these terms have become somewhat encompassing for particular styles of art. And in both genres, the character work and often exciting, vibrant pieces are ones that do more than just reflect imagination, they exude it. So take a tour of this showcase we’ve prepared for you of manga and anime illustration to get inspired.

Styles of Japan

Cleared by nuriko-kun

Sisters by Pyromaniac

Jellyfish by cherriuki

Anemone and Malevilla by laverinne

Incandescence by JohnSu

Kizutsuku by kandasama

Newborn by Mezamero

Witch of the East by Hachiimi

-Broken but Loved- by naochiko

The Lonely Prince by Muika-Miru

I don’t cry by nuriko-kun

deadB by Sakukko

Bubbles by joodlez

The Power of Goodbye by Yaoi-World

commission – FruityStarburst by ruretto

Greed by mou-S

Dante VS Bayonetta by reiq

Earthling by shirotsuki

Snow + Ice by melodeiia

Excuse me… by Doodlez-Freaky

TraditionalArt vs. DigitalArt by namirenn

Flowers 2 by Clavies

First Sky by zetallis

Marie’s Recital by oh8

— Fairy Comission — by Kurama-chan

LG: Hachiimi by Doodlez-Freaky

Wisteria mirror by BoryChan

Remnants by shirotsuki

strawberry swirlpop by punipunipon

Diseased by InsaneAndroid

Gem of the Forest by pastelAurora

Penelope by Slugbox

Liesbeth by BoryChan

In the End

Through their rich history, these two artforms have evolved and grown, and today are inspiring artists around the world. We hope that some of that magic was captured in this post and passed along to our readers. Did any pieces really stand out to you? Let us know below!


Noupe Editorial Team

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