Aug 06 2012

Living in the City: Showcase of City Life Photography

Photographers capture life happening all around them, and no where is that easier to do than on the bustling city streets the world over. City life is depicted in photographs in numerous ways, and carrying varying tones. But regardless of which direction the photographers come at it from, city life photography is a vibrant, often energetic segment of the field.

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Aug 03 2012

World of Fantastic Pictures: 5 Photographers Worthy of Your Attention

Nowadays getting your hands on a professional camera isn’t as hard a task as it was just ten years ago. Any number of people can buy a camera and take a shot. But to own a professional camera is not enough to be a great photographer. Fantastic pictures often come from the years of experience and hard work of those trained pros who know all the technical aspects of creating or capturing the perfect pic.

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Aug 02 2012

When Less Means More: Spotlighting Minimalist Photomanipulations

Photomanipulations are a breathtaking artform that usually become quite involved and heavily loaded with all of the various images being brought together and molded into one. However, when you scale that back and use the most minimal amount of manipulation to combine two, maybe three, images, it can become increasingly difficult to seamlessly blend them together. The images have to be chosen with even more care.

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Aug 01 2012

Showcase of Unique Steampunk Web Design & Resources

Steampunk is a genre which surfaced during the late 1980s and early 1990s, as an amalgam of various science-fiction and fantasy elements resembling the British Victorian era or the U.S. “Wild-West” era, in which steam power was widely used. One of its main characteristics is anachronism – designating an object, person, event or custom which is inconsistent with its current time period…

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Jul 31 2012

Creatively Clad: A Showcase of Creative Costume Design

One area of design that tends to constantly be producing innovative and impressive results is the field of costume design. With so many important scenes relying heavily on the costumes to help create and solidify the tone and feeling of the piece, costume designers have a lot to carry on their shoulders. So much has to be conveyed through the clothing the models are clad in, and sold through them as they are often more…

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Jul 30 2012

Images from the Mind’s Eye: Showcase of Conceptual Photography

For many photographers, capturing an exquisite moment is the dream. For others, conveying an exquisite idea is what they set out to do through their pictures. That dream can be just as challenging, as concepts in your own mind may appear clearer than when presented to others. But even if the interpretation isn’t spot on, conceptual photography can still prove to be an overly inspiring medium.

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Jul 27 2012

A Collection of Mesmerizing Rain Photography

Whilst we all enjoy a nice sunny day, rain can result in some really interesting photography. There is something inherently emotive about rain, as the tirade of water is at the same time cleansing and intensely life giving.

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Jul 26 2012

Creativity With Skill: Showcase of Hand-Drawn Elements in Web Design

With the advent of technology, more traditional hand-drawn art has taken something of a back seat. Of course, you do find masterpieces, both classic and modern, in art galleries. But in general, many of the hobbyist artists among us have given up pencil and brush in favor of Photoshop and, at times, cameras.

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Jul 25 2012

World of Imagination: Gallery of Fantasy Digital Drawings

Art is a powerful tool that can instantly transport you into another world. A world born of imagination and pure creativity. So many digital artists today specialize in bringing these worlds of fantasy into our world. Making them tangible and accessible, if only through the art they produce. It is these types of fantasy digital drawings that we are focusing our inspirational spotlight on today.

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Jul 24 2012

Stripped: Minimalist Movie Posters and Album Artwork

As consumers, there are a lot of different products that companies want us to purchase or get into. When you’re in a position to make one choice amongst many products, there is a need for it to stick out; you need to be swayed. Companies do this through things like features and pricing; is it what you need? or is it in your budget? Many times, all the features and prices can be relatively similar, so what do people turn to? The design.

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